Spectrum Partners provides customized energy cost containment to small, medium, and large-sized commercial, industrial and government customers throughout the United States. Our cost containment initiatives help clients manage, control and reduce electricity and natural gas costs.  We work with with all suppliers of natural gas and electricity on behalf of our clients.

Emerging Technologies

At Spectrum Partners, we support our customers’ needs to enhance business productivity through assessment of existing processes and technology, further design, implementation and management of a unified workspace.  This unified workspace encompasses a combination of networks, devices, and applications.



Wireless Infrastructure

Spectrum Partners designs, implements and maintains the latest in 802.11 wireless technologies and mobility.  Key focus is on FIPS 140-2 compliance. 

Legacy Voice System

Spectrum Partners manages and implements the support and upgrades for legacy voice systems while offering plans to modernize telecommunications infrastructures as well as offering options for hosted solutions.  Spectrum offers to unify legacy PBX and IP telephony products with the latest approach to system software, equipment and/or hosted solutions. 

In an efficient effort to address cost savings, Spectrum Partners provides audits of wire line data and voice, and wireless billing. This practice is offered on a contingency basis which often results in cost savings and/or refunds of past over billed telecommunications invoices. In addition, Telecom Expense Management tools can be offered to our clients to manage these services in an ongoing basis or Spectrum may be engaged to manage these services on an ongoing fee schedule basis.

Cost Containment - Telecom and Energy Expense Management

Wired Infrastructure

Structured Cable Plant / Outside Plant
Spectrum Partners engineers and consultants encompass the experience to plan,design, and install a cable plant management system that will allow our clients to manage the complex cable and fiber infrastructure required by today’s networks.

Spectrum’s senior consultants understand the high cost of physical plant change and implementation, and the challenges of effectively maintaining that physical plant for an increasingly mobile work force. Employee moves, additions, and drops can also be managed through this solution.

Spectrum’s Structured Cable Plant design goals are to:

  -  Ensure manageability, operability, and infrastructure requirements are part of the planning, development, and

     deployment of the project plans.

  -  Improve overall IT availability, performance, and quality-of-service levels by aligning development and

     deployment of new applications or equipment within operational requirements.

Data Network Infrastructure

Spectrum Partners design, implement, upgrade and maintain network systems.  We also implement processes and technology that allow clients to identify, isolate, resolve, and prevent network interruptions.  Spectrum also provides outsourced capabilities of these processes and technologies.

Our network management practice includes:

  • Instrumentation and Monitoring
    • Configuration Management
      • Fault Management
        • Accounting Management (NUS)
          • Policy Management 

Advanced Information Technology & Security Delivered, Protected, and SUSTAINED.

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Our offerings include:

  • Cyber Security
    • Cloud Computing - FedRamp Compliant
      • Unified Communications  (UC)
        • Unified Messaging (UM)
          • Network Unified Storage(NUS)
            • VoIP
              • DoD Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Approved Product List (APL) Solutions​           -  Vendor JITC Product Certification Support